Kids are probably the best people out there

Today, i went to volunteer to teach refugee kids . In the beginning, i thought it would be a bad idea as i wasn’t really good with kids (i am not good people in general lol). But, these kid really change my perspective in life for the better. I was assigned to teach 3 kids, Amelia(i think? I am really bad at memorizing names), Elina and Lydia who are 12, 11 and 10 years old respectively. The kids are very lively and very eager to learn. Which warms my heart and makes it easier for me to teach them. Volunteering there makes me realise that many kids (in my country, at least) have taken for granted the right to have an education. They never took the education given to them seriously and just throw away carelessly the education which to others, is a luxury.

The kids i taught are passionate and have ambitions in life. Amelia wants to be an accountant, Elina wants to be a singer and Lydia want to be a king in a palace (remember she is just a 10 year old kid XD). They are refugees, but i see that they have more hopes and dreams compared to me. It makes me reflect on myself. Especially when they ask me what do i want to do in the future. I was caught off guard and sadly i have no answer for them cause i have been living aimlessly for a long time now. This 2 hours of volunteer evoke a lot of emotions that i haven’t felt for a long time. If there is another chance, i would like to continue doing this volunteer job again.

I pray that they will each one day be able to do the things that they love. As refugees, their life will definitely rougher than what many could imagine because they don’t have as much privilege as being a citizen of a country. I don’t know if it is possible but i want them to keep holding on to their dreams no matter how hard life can be. I don’t want them to become an adult like me who are so bitter in life but to keep on living with a heart full of hope.

At the end of the 2 hours of teaching, they say thank you to me. But, in truth, i should be the one thanking them. Thank you for teaching me things i have long forgotten, thank you for convincing me that the world isn’t as bad as it seem, that there are still good people like you guys. When you kids grow up, remember to be kind, to live happily and healthily.

Kids are probably the best people out there

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