Group assignments

I hate doing group assignments because of all the dramas that come with it. Why can’t people just behave properly even just for the sake of the damn assignment. Learn how to communicate guys. There has been a serious communication breakdown in my group of friends because of a group assignment. It started off with a small misunderstanding that later explodes like World War 3. Why it happens? It’s because one side don’t want to say that they are unhappy with the way the the other side is doing the assignment yet choose not to voice out and the other side don’t want to explain what they are doing. Oh my god!!! Why can’t some people just talk it out like civilised people? Angry people should go cool down themselves before saying anything because what you say now can’t be taken back. And i tell you there is a lot of bad blood afterwards. They said a lot of ugly things about each other that they normally wouldn’t say and obviously our friendship ( which i know would not last long anyway) suffers.

I hate involving myself in such meddlesome things. So annoying and pointless. *seriously feeling extremely annoyed now*

Group assignments

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