A special day

Today i finally feel like i’m gonna be okay. For a long time, i have been feeling so down, so sad, helpless and sometimes depressing. Friends go and pass. Old friends that you thought   that have forgotten you might come back. Or they might not, but sometimes you just can’t help but keep hoping that one day it will happen. New friends may only stay for awhile or they may stay for a lifetime.

Today, i feel really loved by everyone. Thank you everyone for making me feel like i belonged somewhere. Thank you for giving me the warmth i haven’t felt in such a long time. You may think that today is just any ordinary day. But for me, today is one of those days that i really treasured, it reminds me of the reason why i have fought on so hard all these years which i sometimes forgot especially last month and the starting six days of this month which were especially painful time for me.

I may not have said it out loud, but i’m really thankful and grateful to all of you from the bottom of my heart.


Love you all.
A special day

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