Warning: Angry Rant

Fuck you!! This week haven’t been the best of weeks i have had. In fact, it was in the top 5 worst weeks of my life. Everything has gone horribly wrong and you have just triggered the bomb. I knew you weren’t a good person, in fact i know very well what type of ugly person you are, just someone who are manipulative as fuck. In my years as a loner, i have seen many of your type. They are the worst people around. Your type spread lies around, making them sound like the truth, all the while pretending like you are innocent.

You first spread horrible rumours about X, making others believe you and started to isolate X too. Do you even know how lonely and painful it is to be isolated? Do you know what it is to have a group of people you called as friends and the next moment they started to ignore you and started to keep you out of all their activities? Do you know people can get depressed from that and suicidal thoughts can sprout from that? Yeah, i agree that X can be sometimes a little rude (to me it sounds refreshing and honest, not a bit rude at all) but it is not that much that you can just spread baseless rumours about her.

For a while, I’m the only one talking to X. Then, you started saying around that i take X’s side and try to make the others turn against me too which thank god didn’t happen. I just only stand for what i think is right. Without friends, i can survive. In fact, i have survived so long without them. You can’t hurt me like that. But for X, it is different. You spread rumours about her, ridicule her and lastly told her to change when all she sincerely wants is to have some friends in the university and not play your nasty mind games. And for the record, the only person that needs to change is you. If you think you can make everyone stop talking to X, you are mistaken. She will always have a friend in me.

Lastly, do you think you can use me and after that throw me away like some second-rate friend that isn’t worth your attention and i won’t retaliate. If so, you’re wrong, i can be very petty and i hold grudges although i don’t look like it. Friends, i don’t have as much as you. Money, i don’t have that much as you too. I can’t talk as well as you (in fact I’m painfully socially awkward) hence i won’t win you in an argument too which is why I’m not that stupid as to confront you. But if there is something i learned in my years of observing people as a loner, is that one day you will really need me and i won’t be the bigger person and I will be unreachable. Now i just need to bid for that time to come.

You are just a bully. A bully that ridicules others to make themselves feel better. I don’t know if you know that, but i do know something. I hate you from the bottom of my heart.

And you are one of them losers
Warning: Angry Rant

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