Sick of it all…

I’m really sick of everything. This month, my problems have piled up so much that i really felt so frustrated and helpless that i felt like i might burst out crying anytime soon. (i actually did before and when writing this post). Money matters, academic matters, accommodation matters and of course friend problems, all of them came together all at once.

I’m really trying to be positive and trying hard to believe that its gonna be alright at the end but it is not really working out for me. You see, when i was younger i used to run away from problems but this time i have faced my problems face on. However, there is this one problem that couldn’t be solved. It has dragged on for so long that i felt like giving up altogether. Every time i thought that i was close to solving it, another issue will come out. I have tried and tried but nothing worked out. No one can say that i wasn’t trying hard enough.

And that is not the only problem, problems are popping here and there like flowers blooming in the spring is no good for me at all. Worst of all, i don’t have the luxury of moping around or just crying alone in my bed cause i have a lot of tests and assignments coming soon and i am far from finishing anything soon. (although this is really my fault so i can’t complain about it, i was supposed to finish a portion of it during my mid semester break last week). I’m so tired and stressed everyday that i rarely hang out with my friends anymore.

Though, one thing that make all of this better is that the belief that i’m getting stronger and wiser every time i face and solve my problems myself. To others, it may be not seem significant but to me it’s a big step forward. And well, my problems could be worse. I have seen others who have tackled much worse problems. In contrast, my problems are really insignificant and it motivates me to do better.

Me for the week

I have just came back from my mid semester break and it’s really been a stressful week so far ( and getting worse). Sorry that this is a self-pity post but then most of my posts are.So wish me luck that it’ll get better. (or not, your choice)


I’ll do better tomorrow.

Sick of it all…

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