My Best Friends Throughout my Life (Until Now)

If you’re wondering why i am posting 2 posts in a day, it is because the previous post became too lengthy and i went out of topic and started writing about my best friends. So, i decided to split it into two posts.

Perhaps all the blog posts previously implies that i’m extremely friendless but i have had about 4 (i think?) best friends. The 1st one don’t really count as i was really young (4-5 years old,i think?) and i don’t remember much about her.

The 2nd one was during elementary school(7-9 years old). I’m ashamed to say that i was the one who break our friendship. I unfriended her(how childish i know but hey i was a child back then) because i wanted to blend into a certain social circle. To tell the truth, my other friends encouraged me to do so (i don’t remember why) and as i was very impressionable(at that time) and wanted really badly to be accepted as friends with them so i did it. Until now, i can still clearly recall back how hurt she looks when i stopped talking to her. I’m not proud of it and until now still feel extremely bad and regretful about it. She was a loner and has a quiet personality like me. Maybe that’s why we became best friends. And maybe its karma that i’m having problems making friends now. If time ever went back,i would have cherished our friendship even if our friendship will fade as time goes by.

The 3rd one is probably the one that understands me the most and probably the best one among all of them. Although the time we spend together is short, she is one that i can really joke around and let my guard down around. I remember the times we talked on the phone and the times she shared her food with me (not that i’m greedy mind you). She was probably the only one that understands my temper. What i remembered the most is, she was a kind, forgiving and nice person. It’s been a long time since we had seen each other and now she is studying in another country. Studying social science, i think? She would do well  given her cheerful and extremely positive personality (the exact opposite of me lol). In the end,she was the one who brought out the best in the me at that time. If we ever meet again, friend, i would like to wish you all the best in your life because if anyone deserves it, it is you and if you have any problem in your life, you could always call me up, just like we used to do.

The last one was in high school. She was a person i can relate to. She has been my partner for almost all of my high school years. Also quiet and a loner when she chooses to be but also talkative at times. But one thing about her was that she never really get affected by the gossips around her and don’t really bother about others’ business which is why she don’t take sides whenever a conflict happens. She may look grumpy and sometimes fierce but i know that she is a true friend in the heart.(i mean she is the only one that remembers my birthday until now without using Facebook). We still contact each other through text messages and sometimes those texts are what that make my day. That being said, sometimes i wish that i can help her in some way with her troubles. You see, her family is financially troubled. The way she spend her money sometimes make me feel really humbled and feel very blessed in life. She was worried about her education fund and she once told me before that she might start working after high school if she hadn’t got enough fund(Which is why i said money is actually really important in reality). I sincerely hope she will find some way out of her troubles and have good luck in everything she attempts on.

After writing this, i realised that i was really blessed to meet these people in my life. All i wanted to say is thank you very much all of you who made my grey life much more colourful.


Whew, it’s since a long time since i type such a long post. Forgive me if there is any grammar mistakes. I was typing anything that goes into my mind at the time so it might be a little jumbled up.

My Best Friends Throughout my Life (Until Now)

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