A New Life

Surprisingly, i didn’t feel that much upset as i thought i would have after moving away from home. Of course i felt a bit sad about leaving my home where my beloved family are. Yet, at here i feel that this is a place where i can start anew. Here is a place where no one knows who i am and no one knows about my past. Maybe here i can finally be myself or maybe at here i can finally make some nice and close friends.

Furthermore, the university environment is pretty nice and transport is pretty good i guess(i haven’t really figured out the transport system here yet). My dorm is only 10minutes away from the university so i can save on the transport fees. And there is a a shopping mall and a theme park/water park 20 minutes away from my dorm. So, life is pretty good i guess. Moreover, my dorm although not the best are pretty above average so i’m satisfied.

So far, there are only a few problems. One of them is that food here is extremely expensive (compared to where i come from) and it’s hard to find cheap ones. The university’s tuition fees are already a huge burden on my parents’ wallet and so i’m trying to save as much money as possible. Today, i’m skipping dinner as i don’t feel all that hungry. Money is a huge problem which probably everyone agrees with me. Those that say it isn’t is either lying or very rich. Which is why one of my life goal is to be rich enough that my parents won’t stress or get headache over money anymore.

The next problem is me being friendless here. I’ve met a few people in the same class but we’re not that close to be called friends yet (acquaintance maybe?) so i have no one to hang out with and my daily life is just going to and fro the uni and my dorm. Hell, i don’t even know how to fill my weekends now. I now only spend my free time watching animes, reading and revising. How boring, i know right? And it doesn’t help that i missed orientation(ice-breaking and stuff) and a week and a day of class(i have my reasons) plus i’m not really sociable. Let’s just wish that this situation turns out for the better as time goes pass.

Now,i’m just taking it one day at a time. Wish me luck! šŸ™‚tumblr_mcok32iiuo1qkhwxvo1_500

A New Life

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