Moving away..

Tomorrow, i’ll move out from my home that i lived in for since i was born. It was so that i can pursue my dream. The place where i am going isn’t very far from home, just 5 hours from my hometown.

But now when i think of it, i am really scared. What if i couldn’t fit in? What if i couldn’t make friends? Will i be okay there? Honestly i’m not really good at making friends. Things like that don’t come easily to me. i remember few years back when i transfer to my new high school, it took me a year before i am able to warm up towards my classmates and have a bunch of close friends. Then, i went to college for my a-levels. None of my high school friends went to the same college as me. I vividly remember the times i sat alone eating. It was such a painful and lonely experience that i don’t want to feel anymore. And it took some time before i make friends at college. It’s not that i don’t make the effort to befriend others, it’s just somehow harder for me. Plus, the fact that i joined the course late by about a month and most of them were already friends before college aren’t making things easier for me either. And this time, i’m enrolling late again for various reason.

All those lonely days i am able to handle because when i go home, my family will always be there to support me. They’re the ones that really know the real me, my cynical attitude, my temper (it’s not too bad though), my bad habits and another playful side of me.

Moving away from my comfort zone is extremely stressful. Yet, i wish i can make it work and not let anyone down. Best of luck to me!!!! 🙂

Moving away..

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