I have nothing to do…

I have finished my a-levels exams, but for some reason i feel depressed and bored out of my life. When i’m having exams,i wished the exams to be over soon but when the exams are over i am so bored because there is nothing for me to do. If it wasn’t for the lack of transport at my residence area, i would have gone out and work part-time until i figure out what i am really going to do next.

*The content from here onwards have nothing to do with the title. I’m just going with the flow of my thoughts

The day before yesterday, there is a girl student who committed suicide at my brother’s school. She is younger than my brother at an age of 14. I was going to write about the reason she committed suicide but it’s a long story and i just wanted to state MY opinion on it or generally about suicide. Majority of the society thinks that the people that committed suicide are cowards. I disagree with it. Tell me, how many will have the courage to end their own live?(NOT THAT I AM ENCOURAGING IT). For example, jumping off a building, i won’t be able to do it, i get dizzy even by looking down from a high building (i am extremely afraid of heights). I actually thought about a lot of ways to commit suicide (not that i want to, just out of curiosity) and realise that it is not easy to do so if you think about the pain it will cause yourself.

So, i really dislike people who trash talk about people who committed suicide saying that they are immature and they do not think about the pain inflicted on their family. Although i am not an expert on these type of things, i think the reason these people that committed suicide is that they felt so much pain either mentally or physically that they think suicide is their only choice left to stop the pain and there is no other hope left in this world. We may never know how much pain they are in. So, don’t judge them without looking at their circumstances first.

If there is anyone who has depression around you, please show them some love. Show them that in this world there is still people who cares for them and there is hope for them no matter what obstacles they face.

again, this is purely MY OPINION and i’m not forcing it on anyone. Anyone(if there is any) who read this can think what they want.


I have nothing to do…

2 thoughts on “I have nothing to do…

  1. Many people who commit suicide believe that because of their depression and/or circumstances they are actually a burden on those they love, and so by killing themselves they not only stop their pain but also free those around them to get on with their lives. As wrong as this often is its true in their minds, so to them suicide may be the most selfless thing they can do.


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