Friday the 13 might be an unlucky day for others but for me it was one of my best days in my life. To explain it so that readers(if any) could understand, i’m an introvert throughout my whole life and no matter how much i try,i can’t really communicate will people well which is why i have only a few friends. And my social circle is practically non-existent.

So when i hang out with my four old friends yesterday, i felt extremely happy and touched.(Yes, i’m quite a sentimental person). I had known them since i was two so it has been about  16+years since we met. Which is why i’m so grateful that they hadn’t abandoned me although i don’t really keep in touch with them. Since high school and now different colleges, we had been separated, all going on our own path in life, yet we always find time to hang out with each other. For that, i’m so grateful they had made the effort to keep in touch.

I had been really unhappy since going to college, i feel stressed and unmotivated in everything i do. I had friends in college, but not the ones that i could laugh and talk freely with. I’ve been so stressed out that i couldn’t sleep at night, dreading what is to come on the next day. So, when these old friends came back to my life, they had made quite any impact in my otherwise uneventful and boring life. I don’t think they will ever know (because they are all very sociable, in other words, extroverts)  how much i treasure our friendship and how much colour they bring into my extremely grey life.

Although it was only mainly gossiping, eating, talking and a bit of fooling around, i hadn’t been so relaxed and happy in my life. Thank you all so much for cheering me up in one of the lowest point in my life.(although i know they didn’t meant to). Thank you all for making me laugh and smile so much.

Also, i’m sorry i can’t say all my thanks to you all personally because it is kinda embarrassing how much i care even though you all said thatyou all had lots of fun and one even said that she was so excited that she couldn’t sleep the night before (me too actually). So i can only saymy thanks here where nobody even you all can’t see.875140f9146808f575ba862e7a730d6e

happy-friendship-quotesp.s. i chose this pictures because there are five of us, three girls and two boys. May the five of us always be together in our heart!!


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