I always have trouble making decision. It takes me a long time to make one. People call me indecisive, some say that i am unconfident in myself. This is not the case. It’s just that i understand the responsibility of making a decision. Big decisions, small decisions or decisions that will affect your whole life, some decision can’t be changed once you made it. Then, you will have to bear the consequences of making that particular decision whether it is good or bad. You may regret making that decision but there is nothing you could do about it but to accept it as a lesson in your life.

There is no wrong or right when deciding something. You may think that if you had chosen another alternative choice, you may have fared better. But how would you know? You haven’t taken that path before and might never will. So how would you know if you had made the wrong choice? Your condition may be worse than now if you took that path. So we shouldn’t regret our the things that we had decided on. If it doesn’t work out, stop blaming yourself. Forgive your past self and look to the future. Remember that you have decided on what’s best for you at that time. Your past self never knew what that decision will have lead you to. So forgive yourself and allow yourself to be happy.80b556cbba78ee4ccc6263d91f76914a


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