The Importance of Family

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!(Yes i’m chinese). It’s the only time in the year when the whole family will gather around. Last year and this year has been bad for me so far and i feel very down most of the time. But on this festive season, i am reminded that i have my family still. Although we didn’t talk much(i’m not really sociable), i felt very touched that there are people out there who cared about me, who doesn’t ignore me and can make me smile. My noisy cousins and other uncles and aunts, they lighted up my world in this dark phase of my life. Maybe they don’t think much about this, but i am very very grateful to them.

Thinking back, i had lost many friends since last year. I have became a loner and am miserable most of the time. I had lost the motivation i had to study. Moreover, i really started to despise myself. I have no idea whether i have made the right choices in life (and still not sure). And i totally have no idea what i am going to do after my A-levels.

During our family reunion, i had a lot of fun. Although it was exhausting staying up late and having so little sleep, i really had fun and enjoyed being with then. It made me relax and forget about my worries for a while.

So, i’ll be looking forward to every family reunion and to see them, even if it is just to talk for a while or have a drink together.il_340x270-330598046

There are lots and lots more that i want to write but it just won’t fit into words the feeling i have.

The Importance of Family

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