Ignore me..i’m writing rubbish

This month have been quite an eventful month. My macbook pro went crazy after my friend dropped it and it was sent to the service centre. I wonder how much it will cost me (sigh.. and when i am so broke now) My laptop was placed in its casing in my bag and it was dropped from the height of a chair, can’t believe it will cause so much problem, there isn’t even a scratch or a dent on the laptop. Then, my parents started lecturing me about responsibilities and whatnot (when it wasn’t even me that dropped it) which i graciously accepted it. I mean they are the one paying for everything in my life and the laptop wasn’t exactly very cheap and we aren’t really rich.

For your information, the laptop was a reward for my previous exam

Then, my alevels (AS) results came out. It wasn’t exactly very satisfactory (to me). It is actually acceptable but i always demand for the best. Which is why i probably will retake two subjects at A2 (for those who doesn’t know Alevels are split to AS and A2) which means i will be taking 6 subjects (I’m taking 4 subjects for A2). But there is a problem, i don’t know if i can cope with all these. I wonder all the time if it is beyond my limits to study so much in such a short time. And there is also a problem of exam fees(there always seems to be a money problem). You see, i don’t want my parents to waste any more extra money on me which i think they have done a few times because of my stupidity and lack of decisiveness. Yet, i want to get good results and make them feel proud of having me as their child. You know, i don’t want to have to feel the guilt suffocating me every time my parents pay my tuition fees, so i’m gonna make sure that it is worth it.

Okay, this probably isn’t as big deal to everyone as to me. I mean i am aware that there are lots of problems in this world like poverty, natural disasters and whatnot. So, i know that my problem is very minor compared to others. You might feel i’m very shallow and so self-absorbed but i just want to let off some steam you know. Thank god no one is reading this.


Yes, i watch animes and read mangas. Try not to judge okay?

Ignore me..i’m writing rubbish

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