A whole new year…a whole new me (as if)

A very happy new year to all (although it is already the 9th of january). Many people have posted up new year resolutions and whatnot but I had given up on that stuff years ago. One can never totally change him or herself in just such a shot time and if you failed to achieve one of your resolutions, you tend to feel unmotivated to follow through with the others.

In my opinion, to change yourself, you have to be very determined. As in determined to change your lifestyle and habits, suppressing the urge to go back to your old habits. This is actually easier said than done and of course many failed due to procrastination and lack of discipline (haha..me)

For me, i tell myself that i’m going to start living my life productively every morning (mostly while bathing) and always failed horribly at the end of the day. So, i don’t think i have the right to lecture anyone haha. I feel totally like a hypocrite now but then most people are but they just don’t want to admit it (okay i’m straying from the topic). So, people who are reading this (if any) feel free to forget and ignore what i wrote before.

Ultimately my point is, it doesn’t have to be the new year to change yourself. You can do it anytime and anywhere.

maybe i’ll try again tomorrow. who knows? it might work out


Nope, just kidding

P.s. i spent new year eve at home surfing the net. haha. boring right?


A whole new year…a whole new me (as if)

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